WWE: Major title change on first Friday night SmackDown

The Universal name was won by brock Lesnar and was instantly attacked by former UFC rival Cain Velasquez on a hugely remarkable Friday night debut of SmackDown.
WWEs blue brand made their mark in the Staples Center in Los Angeles, to the first Friday night offering, using an action-packed show full of drama and celebrity power.
In its main occasion, Lesnar took less than 10 minutes to conquer Kingston, dropping the winner with one F5 before trapping him to fasten the gold.
Since Lesnar famous, Rey Mysterios music started but the guy who had been attacked by Lesnar a week had some back-up in the kind of Velasquez, that obtained the UFC heavyweight title from Lesnar nine decades back.
Velasquez rained punches about the Universal winner, who beat a hasty retreat with his advocate and shot down Lesnar Paul Heyman since the series went off the air.
Shane McMahon fired from WWE
A ladder game between Shane McMahon and Kevin Owens, where the WWE professions of both men had been on the line finished with McMahon defeated along with his job terminated.
There have been several table and ladder areas which had the crowd wincing as was perhaps predictable to get a match between two guys for whom their own physical safety is a concern.
The chaos came to some decision when Owens chose McMahon and powerbombed him right into another one before climbing the ladder to maintain the briefcase and provide his marching orders to the bosss kid.
The Rock returns – to the dismay of Corbin
SmackDown opened with Becky Lynch disrupted by Baron Corbin, that was in turn interrupted by a Rock that was returning.
The arrival of theelectrifying man in sports entertainment nearly took the roof and he followed his arrival around Corbin.
Rocky toasted Lynch, that went on to associate with Charlotte Flair to Get a triumph within her Hell In A Cell opponent Sasha Banks and Bayley.

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